Why I’m Starting a Travel Blog

10530884_10204445841933347_4780313363318444906_n I’ve been thinking about starting a travel/lifestyle/travel lifestyle blog for absolutely ages, but only just now finally putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) to make it come to life. My story is probably pretty typical- millennial  living in East coast city has a love for travelling but lacks the budget and vacation time to do so as freely as is desirable. Sound familiar to a lot of you? I’m sure it does.

I balked at starting this blog because I was worried I wouldn’t have anything unique to say. But then I realized, actually, there are lots of girls (and guys) like me, and that was a strength rather than a weakness. It’s ok that I’m not blogging this from an internet cafe in the mountains of Nepal before I jump on the back of a minibus and head off to my next exotic locale (in fact, I’m writing this from my office desk, shhhhhh don’t tell). The thing is, there are lots of people like me, and while there’s nothing wrong with the perpetual travelling nomad lifestyle, there are lots of people for whom this isn’t the right choice, but who still have a love of travel.

My own circumstances are a bit mixed. I LOVE the idea of stuffing my belongings into one suitcase (ok, probably two) and shoving off into the unknown. Right after undergrad, I moved to London to do a Master’s degree, and wasn’t planning on coming back. Due to unforseen circumstances however, after the degree I found myself back in the city I went to college in, and grew up near. I’ve been really lucky in that after several hellish months of sending out hundreds of applications, a time I fondly refer to as the Dark Ages, I found a job that is a really great start to my career. Because of this, and because of the rather large student loans that accompany it, quitting my job to travel isn’t really my best option at the moment. I’ve got specific places to go career-wise and I’m working towards getting there! Sometimes I wish I had taken a gap year or two to “find myself” through travel, but I didn’t, c’est la vie.

All hope is not lost, however. I’m a firm believer that there are many different roads to travel, and that one of them definitely includes a 9-5 job, a limited salary, and a finite number of vacation days. Emphasis on the limited salary. I am also a firm believer that you don’t need to have a high paying job, trust fund, or other source of independent wealth to make travel possible. This blog is an exploration of my journey (and hopefully yours) as I pursue my passion for travel as a very much 9-5-with-a-half-hour-lunch-break wanderer. Thanks for coming along for the ride.

Happy Wandering! -xo

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