Weekend Wanderings: Lake Winnipesaukee in Laconia, NH

Big family weekend at my aunt and uncle’s house up in New Hampshire, on Lake Winnipesaukee this past weekend. All my siblings managed to get time off from their summer jobs before my younger brother goes off to college next week, and my cousin and her new husband are on their honeymoon in the US and came with us too. My aunt and uncle are superb hosts and fabulous cooks and it was an amazing weekend spent laughing, grilling, and pontooning with family.

The lake region of New Hampshire has spectacular scenery and something for everyone. Notorious for bike week at Weirs Beach, where thousands of Harley Davidson afficionados flock for what makes for a very loud weekend, during the rest of the summer it is filled with vacationers of all sorts. You can boat, tube, wake board, jet ski, swim, all kinds of fun stuff on the lake. Lakes kind of freak me out because the bottom is all mucky and the smaller ones get gross and filled with bacteria by August, but Lake Winnipesaukee is big and clean, so it’s an exception.

We saw and did too many things that I did not capture on camera (including my uncle’s attempt at organizing a Whip Nae Nae flash mob on the back deck…) but here are a few of the snaps I did manage to catch:

Cloudy quiet morning on the lake, and a beautiful endangered loon!
Little slice of heaven in my aunt’s copper tub
Family bocce match heating up
What’s this coming over on the horizon?
It’s a car…it’s a boat…it’s a carboat!
Boat garage
Boats meet up here in the shallows to swim, grill, and visit with friends who live across the lake

Happy Wandering!


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