Weekend Wanderings: LDW on Cape Cod

I never think to take photos when I’m home (to be honest, I’m not really a photo person, and taking them is always a conscious effort). But home is just it, it’s home. To me, it’s ordinary, fairly unchanging, a normal place that I deeply adore, but a visit there is none too remarkable. I don’t chalk it up as an exciting destination worth writing home about. LOL see what I did there? Going home does many things for me, but it just doesn’t scratch my travel itch.

Sometimes when we see something or someplace all the time, we forget how spectacular it truly is and how lucky we are to be there. Cape Cod, and more specifically my hometown, Dennis, is exactly one of those places for me. I’ve been home many times this summer, and not once wrote an article or shared a picture of my visit. It’s just home. It’s cozy, it’s comfy, it’s safe, it’s mine. But it also happens to be a major east coast tourist destination with spectacular sceneries and is a summer vacation dream come true.

This past Labor Day Weekend, I went home for a glorious four days (last of the summer Fridays #sob). I tried to look at my home with a fresh pair of eyes, the eyes of a visitor. This is what I saw.

Water as far as the eye can see.
Children skipping from rock to rock on the jetty at the mouth of the harbor channel
This momma lobster has eggs so she has to go back into the sea. Lobstering with my dad. The pots have to be checked every 2-3 days, and sometimes this feels like a chore. Time spent with my dad and on the water. Another reminder to be grateful and not take this place for granted!
Titanic moment.
Sorry lobsters. 22 of them caught! I like catching lobsters, but I don’t like eating them, and I always feel sorry when it’s time for them to meet their no doubt unpleasant death in the lobster pot on the stove, or in this case, the outdoor blaster pot at my family’s cook out that evening. I eat other types of meat, and cows are much cuter, so this makes little sense, but there you go.
Big boats and glistening water in Sesuit Harbor.
Beautiful view at Sesuit Harbor.
Who needs Pottery Barn when you can throw a canoe on the roof and some buoys and faded bunting on the walls? Sesuit Harbor Cafe, home to the greatest dining room in the world, incredible fresh caught seafood…and where I almost always order the hamburger. Fine.
Jet skis and fishing boats.
Humble brag alert: As I said, I sometimes forget home is something special. Point proven when I posted this photo to the blog’s instagram, and within an hour it was already my second most popular photograph of all time.
Waffles, French homework and sunshine on the deck are the stuff that late summer mornings at home are made of.
The sand at Corporation Beach is usually white and soft, but because the winter storms were so severe, they had to truck in a bunch of yellow sand to rebuild the dunes and save the beach. I hate the yellow sand but I was too lazy to walk over to the white sand! Each passing tide makes the yellow sand a little less, and the normal sand a little more. Praying we have an easier winter this year for the sake of my beloved beach.
The “good” sand at Corporation Beach. Plus an insane amount of seaweed washed ashore.
Well hello, there.

I hope you enjoyed the photos, I enjoyed taking them much more than I expected to. It’s fun to share a little bit of my hometown, that is so very much a part of me, and truly my favorite place on earth.

Happy Wandering!


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