Hey Wanderers, I’m Back!

Hello wanderers, I’m sorry things have been so quiet on the blog. I’ve been busy the past couple weeks exploring Istanbul and rediscovering Cairo. I had an amazing week or so soaking up every moment and enjoying time with family. Between that and very very sporadic internet access in both countries I’ve had limited opportunity to chronicle my adventures on the blog, but I have lots and lots to share with you all!

But I’m back now and spent most of this week reacclimating to work, catching up on French class, dealing with a surprisingly strong case of jet lags, and of course what one of my friends likes to call PTSD (Post Travel Sadness Disorder). I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty sad to be back to the grind! I had an absolutely incredible time, it was one of the best trips I’ve gone on in years, everything was simply perfect.

Thanks for being patient as I get my act together, there is lot of great content from my trip coming out as soon as I have the chance to put pen to paper, I promise! In the meantime, one place I have been pretty active is my Instagram feed, so check it out for a sneak peak at some of my travel pics. I’m so excited to share everything I saw, ate, and learned on my trip!

Until then, as always, happy wandering


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