Tips to Make Extra Cash for Travel

Sometimes your 9-5 salary doesn’t leave quite enough left at the end of the month to grow your travel fund as quickly as you’d like, or even at all. When this is your reality, but you don’t want to give up on travel, never fear, hope is not lost. If there’s no raise in your future but you still are dreaming of far off shores there are a few things you can do to supplement your income and get a little extra cash to travel:

The side-hustle

Options can be somewhat limited for second jobs if you’re already committed to a 9-5, but a couple evening shifts or weekend shifts at a café, a job at your gym (lots offer free membership on top of your wages as well!) can make a difference. I have a friend who on top of her 40hr work week is putting in another 16hrs at her local gym. Not only does she get the bump in her salary from her gym wages, but she spends about $80 less a month on her gym membership. Massive savings!

The semi-side-hustle

If you’re not quite able to commit to a more regular side-hustle, there are lots of super flexible options. Brushing off your teenage babysitting skills for an easy way to make some extra cash from time to time. If you have some marketable skills such as proof-reading, accounting, translation, website design or what have you, there are lots of great websites such as or, where you can bid for a variety of side projects and rake in a fair amount of cash.

Sell your clutter

Turn the items you don’t really need into cash by selling them. Online, is a slightly time intensive but effective way to off-load your clutter (trust me, people buy all sorts of weird stuff on Ebay). If you’re selling books, also operated by Ebay is a great choice. No pictures needed, you just put in your book title or ISBN number and set your price. A word to the wise, I’ve had the best luck on at the beginning of the academic year and at the start of second term, when people are looking for new books for classes. Other times of the year can be a bit hit or miss. If you can’t be bothered to package and ship online, you can sell gently used clothes knick knacks and books at local consignment shops, although they will usually give you full money for store credit, and a percentage of the money if you want it in cash. I usually try for online first, and if I have no success than I bring it down to the consignment shop, because some money for your items is always better than none. If you have larger items like furniture, Craigslist is a solid option (but please be about meeting up with people to exchange goods!). If you can, also try to donate some of your unneeded items to charities, giving back is always a good thing.

These are all tips I have used in the past to make money for travel. I once made around $1000 selling my schoolbooks after college, which basically paid for my flight to move abroad for grad school. After my tax debacle which I fondly refer to as #taxpocalypse, I will definitely be returning to these tips to hopefully make a little extra travel cash!

N.B. For the record, I am not being compensated by,, or (I wish I were on that level where they were courting me, but let’s not kid ourselves).

Happy wandering! -xo

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